Creating value

The new Runtastic Moment is a powerful gadget that helps people to keep track of their daily activity. It is more than a regular activity tracker. It is a stylish and loved companion. It is with you everywhere. In every moment. It gives you a bigger perspective and motivation to keep going with your healthy habits. In order to promote this product I made a campaign to create value and context for the product. The next step is to build interaction with the online community. This will encourage users to share their love and accomplishments with the product and an emotional involvement with it.

Ads in Action

The first phase introduces the ad campaign's look and feel. Instead of focusing only on the product's function, I tried to add some context to its usage with the phrase "every moment counts" showing people using it in different situations. It fits naturally in their lives. This campaign was developed for facebook and instagram ads. At this time the hashatg #MyMoment is presented for the first time. The campaign links lead to the website.

Praising the users

The second phase is monitoring the usage of the campaign's hashtag #MyMoment and feature the users' pictures on our social media accounts. There we will give them credit for the shared Moments, making them feel special and part of something bigger. Every moment counts. 

Pictures: actual users pictures using Runtactic Moments with hashatg #runtasticmoment

PLUS: Changes for Runtastic Me

Because the main app connected to Runtastic Moment is Runtastic ME, I would suggest it to have a more personal touch with a picture driven social media share option. This will enable people to share their progress and compare it with their friends. ADDITIONALLY I would suggest a FRIENDS section within Runtastic Me to see how friends (connected via facebook, twitter, e-mail, etc) are doing with their daily goals and thus boost motivation, increasing interaction between users and Runtastic.

I tried to come up with a strong visual language and social share actions. Hashtags and featuring users on our social media channels are strong tools to create emotional involvement. I believe all products of Runtastic can benefit a lot from social media sharing and interaction creating value.

Thank you so much :)