I'm Morgana D'Almeida, a visual designer based in Brazil Germany 

Since 2012, I have had amazing experiences collaborating with +40 brands and studios in Brazil, USA and Japan. I graduated in Graphic Design from the University Center Belas Artes of São Paulo, where I had the pleasure of receiving honorable mention at the General Electrics Visualizing Marathon. Before I started freelancing, I worked for companies like Kong Rex and Usina and with clients such as Unilever, Kraft and Ferrero.

Now I am working as a Visual Designer at the IBM design studios in Böblingen, Germany.

For me, design exists to make it easy for ideas to talk. The link between products and people are more human than ever. People are sharing and searching for new experiences everyday. So, which experience do you want to deliver? How do you want your product and your brand to move people? Let's talk, shall we?

Stuttgart, Böblingen, Berlin, Austin, São Paulo, Vienna, Linz, Munich, Passau, Krumlov, Itajaí, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Florianópolis.

All the places I've been traveling, working, having experiences, looking for new ways to approach life, people and relationships.

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