About me šŸ„‘

I'm Morgana D'Almeida a sr. designer based in Brazil in Germany.

I started my design career in 2012 as a freelancer and had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with +40 brands and studios in Brazil, USA and Japan.

In 2016 I moved to Europe, and since then I am part of the IBM Design team. In IBM I've worked on projects such as IBM Cloud Functions, in a team of 3 designers and roughly 20 developers across 3 different time zones.

Because the scale in which we operate is so big, I got more and more interested in design system, patterns and assets. And nowadays Iā€™m part of the Cloud PAL team and lead some of their dev-design collaboration iniatives. We create and maintain a collaborative tool-kit with best practices, patterns, tools, and SDKs used by more than 80 designers and over 300 developers in IBM Cloud.

ā˜ž Fun stuff:
ā€” I hot the meetup Design at Scale meetup with my crazy friend Eva Cochet-Weinandt
ā€” I have an art instagram because why not (current obsession is 3D ā™„ļø)
ā€” But I don't have a podcast (yet)
ā€” Things I am obsessed with: avocado, eggs, breakfast, coffee, beer and wine ā™„ļø
ā€” šŸ¤“Reading:  Necromancer